How to Find Chicago Area Pet Stores

Some things that you may want to take into consideration when selecting your pet store include the locality of the pet store, the expertise and knowledge of the people employed at the pet store and the history and information available on the pets at the pet stores. Firstly, it is important to find a pet store that is close enough to you to meet any future needs you may have. This is not such an important issue if you will not have to be making return visits to the store, but if you are purchasing a pet that requires special food or supplies that are only found at that pet store, you will want to make sure it is not going to be a burden trying to get to it.

Next, you want to make sure that the owners and employees at the pet store are very knowledgeable and helpful. This is important especially if you are purchasing a kind of pet that is rare, exotic or that you are not that familiar with. It is important to know that the people that have been providing care to the pet prior to you have been taking the best care as possible of the pet to ensure its health and well-being when it is adjusted to moving to your home.

You also want to make sure that the pet store has good records on where all of the pets they carry came from. The origin and paperwork of each pet should be well documented, and the information should be readily available to you when you purchase the animal. That way you will know more about the history of the pet and also any vaccinations or health conditions that are present.

Finding Chicago area pet stores is no problem, just make sure that the one you select has all of the above criteria met and that you feel comfortable with your purchase of your new pet. Depending on where you live in the Chicago area, there are plenty of pet stores to choose from in different locations and that carry different kinds of pets and products. Your best resource for finding pet stores that serve your needs is to check out your local yellow pages, phone books and online directories of Chicago area pet stores.

Here are a few pet stores that are listed in various sources that you may want to check out:
o Chicago Pet Store 2
o Krisers Feeding Pets for Life
o Doggy Style Pet Shop
o Global Pet Industries
o Downtown Pets
o Chicago Pet Store
o Cute Pet Adoptions
o Pet Stuff
o Petco
o Streeterville Pet Spa & Boutique
o Bridgeport Pet Boutique
o Animal Lovers Pet Salon
o Wicker Pet
o Jules Pets
o Cermek Pets & Supplies
o Lets Pet
o Pet Care Center
o Pet Supplies Plus
o Fishing Schooner Pet Centers
o Second Home Pets Care
o Midway Pets & Hobbies
o Ruff N Stuff Pet Center
o Parkview Pet Supplies
o Vahles Bird & Pet Shop
o All Creatures Pet Center
o Pet Luv Pet Center
o Peachtree Pet Shop
o Pet & Pamper Me
o Puppy Petite Incorporated
o WindyCityParrot.Com
o Liz’s Bird Shop
o The Grooming Gallery
o Liz’s Bird Shop
o Soggy Paws

There are probably many more companies but at least these will get you started.

Beauty Parlor to Salon – Choosing An Air Purifier That Can Keep Up

Remember when you went to the beauty parlor to get your hair done? And it only did hair? I’m showing my age aren’t I? Anyway, with the evolution to the full service salon which offers not only new and advanced services for hair but manicures, pedicures, and massages; total beauty has become the focus.

Unfortunately, with this evolution has come huge exposure to numerous volatile airborne chemicals that can cause acute and long- term health consequences.

It is important to make air quality a priority by continually filtering these chemicals from the air. A cleaner with the following 3 features can help your salon’s air stay healthy despite the new products being introduced in today’s salons.

Carbon – Activated carbon made from coconut shells is the type of filter to have. The harder the carbon the better it is at absorption, and coconut shells produce an extremely tough carbon. As such, it is recognized as one of the most efficient at absorbing gaseous pollutants.

Chemical – As effective as carbon is at removing gaseous pollutants, volatile organic chemicals that off-gas from salon products mean raising the bar to a higher level. By adding potassium iodide to carbon, it increases its ability to eliminate VOCs that are typically found in salon products like formaldehyde to name one of many.

Checking the technical specifications to ensure that your carbon-based cleaner also has an additive that specifically targets the type of chemicals that you use on a daily basis will help ensure that the cleaner you choose will be effective.

Particle – It’s important to be able to remove salon-related particles such as fine pieces of hair, and very fine pieces of nails that result from sanding, grinding and filing. But it also important to remove the more usual allergens that are present in any indoor space.

Dust, mold and mildew spores, bacteria and viruses, and even pet dander from customers’ clothes can make customers who suffer from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory conditions uncomfortable at best.

The HEPA or high-efficiency particle arresting filter is hands down the best at removing particles as small as.3 microns in size. Several pre-filters places before this filter will ensure that it is only used for the minutest of particulates. Pre-filters in a cleaner are one of the best indications that the other filters will have a long life. They help separate big particles from small and channel the appropriate sized particle to the right size filter.

Making sure that these 3 filters are included in the purifier you choose for your salon will allow your customers and your staff to enjoy all of the advances that the beauty industry has made without the health hazards.

Choosing A Place To Buy Pet Supplies

Although today’s pet owners have the advantage of a wealth of choices when buying pet supplies, choosing a favourite retailer can sometimes seem a bit daunting. However, if you find yourself feeling confused about the best way to find a great place to shop for your pet, there are several aspects to consider. For the sake of convenience, online shopping can be a great idea. Some merchants are accessible both via a website and a traditional physical location. If you are the type of person who likes to ensure that you can shop for your pet at any time of the day or night, seek out a retailer that makes their products available to customers in a variety of ways.

Decide What Features Are Necessary in Regards to Your Pet Supplies Retailer

Many pet retailers will offer supplementary services such as dog training, care advice, or grooming salons. Sometimes only-only suppliers can even offer such services to their customers by making arrangements with partners who have physical facilities. Also, if your pet has specific needs for the types of food that they eat, make sure that your chosen store has the particular brand of food in stock regularly and can easily replenish their shelves if they sell out suddenly.

Research the Details

Since pets can be notoriously choosy, make sure that your shop of choice has a practical return or exchange policy. If you are uncertain about what types of items your pet might enjoy the most, you may be able to ask store employees for their advice, as they are often pet owners themselves.

Even if the pet store is strictly located online, most shops have a feature that allows current and potential customers to receive advice through a live chat functionality. If you do decide to buy your items online, see if there are any shipping discounts that you can benefit from. Often items that are sold online are less expensive than those that are bought in a traditional store, which helps to compensate for the cost of shipping. This way, you’ll usually not have to pay more for the convenience that comes from buying items through a website.

Don’t be afraid to enroll in any available frequent buyer programmes as they are usually free of charge and can sometimes provide the benefit of valuable coupons and free offers. As you can see, there are a variety of ways to shop for pet supplies, so it is easier than ever to buy pet supplies using the most hassle-free purchase methods.

Buying Pet Steps – Is It a Luxury or Necessity?

The art of taking care of your pet has greatly evolved from simply feeding your animal properly to giving him grooming services at an established pet salon. Like humans, the needs of animals also change and they become more sophisticated as time passes. Dogs and felines are now accustomed to being pampered and making use of certain living improvements such as pet steps.

Pet Steps at a Glance

Pet steps, or pet stairs as they are commonly called, are animal-sized stairs or ramps that help pets such as dogs and cats reach elevated places. This is especially useful for pets with disabilities, leg problems, or arthritis. Instead of jumping to reach their sleeping basket, litter box, or the level of your car, all you need to do is to place some steps where they can climb with ease. Other pet lovers purchase pet steps for their pets to make the domains of their animals look more glamorous and chic.

Pet Steps: What to Expect in Terms of Prices

The prices of steps vary according to style, material, size, and brand. The price range is somewhere between $20 and $2,000. A simple, small-sized stairs would not cost much, especially if it is only made of cheap material like plastic. However, certain luxury brands have produced expensive steps that would cost an amount. Of course, what would you expect if the steps are encrusted in gems and 24-karat gold? The creativity and forethought of these designers simply show that they know how rich animal lovers think: It is only the best for man’s best friend.

Out-of-the-Ordinary Pet Steps

Although pet steps are basically animal-sized stairs, you might be surprised to learn that these tools can be more sophisticated than the ones that are used by man. Some steps are retractable and can be kept in a small bag when not in use. This type is convenient for pets on-the-go that regularly ride a car or SUV. For pets that love snuggling on the couch, there are fur-coated steps that can be used as a pet-couch all the same. A more practical pet stairs set is the type that doubles as a cabinet for your animal’s trinkets. However, don’t get too overwhelmed and buy a set with a massager; your dog might not appreciate the vibration.

Pet Steps: Advantages and Disadvantages

The decision of purchasing pet steps for your beloved animal is more than just deciding to shell out a few bucks or not. Buying such items for your pet has certain effects that are not usually apparent. For instance, buying steps for your animal even if it does not need it may cause your pet to feel lazy with reaching certain places without it. It may cause your pet to lose the eagerness to play around and exercise. Using steps for animals with disabilities is understandable. However, animals that do not have any physical impairment may have certain behavioral changes. If you decide to get pet steps for your pet even if he is physically capable, make sure that he still receives ample amounts of exercise to avoid such problems. Pet steps as a luxury or necessity would depend on the perspective of the pet owner. In any case, if your beloved pooch or feline would appreciate it, there would be no harm in buying something that both of you can cherish.

5 Pet Franchises For the Pet Lover

Pet franchises take advantage of the love that pet owners lavish on their pets. When choosing from among pet franchises, there is far more to choose from than just pet food stores or grooming salons. The $41 billion that Americans spend on their pets every year goes to a host of different businesses that provides a number of specialized pet products and services.

Sit Means Sit Dog Training fills a need among dog owners to teach proper behavior and keep their dogs obedient and properly socialized. The franchise provides the business owner with dog training protocols, branding for the business, marketing and advertising and sales training. Dog owners come away from the business with obedient dogs that fit better into their lifestyles. With more than 60 million dogs in the U.S., dog training is a service that is highly in demand and costs little to start up.

Dogtopia is a full-service dog business that provides day care services to dog, overnight boarding, a boutique where dog owners can purchase items for their pets, spa services for dogs and more. Dogs get to play in a gymnasium and even lounge around and watch videos if they choose. Pet franchises that provide upscale pet accommodations take advantage of a profitable client base. The business can cater to high-end clients who are willing to pay well to have their dogs pampered and played with while they are away.

Petland stores are large pet stores that sell pets as well as pet supplies. The parent company provides six weeks of training to ensure that store owners understand how to keep their pets and customers happy. Petland provides for many of the needs of both new and experienced pet owners, and it takes advantage of the large and thriving pet industry. New pets need plenty of supplies to keep them healthy, and that spells steady sales for Petland franchise owners.

Pet Butler is a service provided to pet owners and commercial property owners that have pet waste that needs to be removed. This may be one of the least traditional pet franchises, but it provides an in-demand service. Removing this waste is a needed service for busy pet owners and for apartment buildings that have a problem with pet waste outdoors. Customers can also sign on to have their cat litter removed and replaced. This makes the business marketable to both residences and commercial businesses, giving it a large pool of potential customers.

Just Dogs Gourmet is a gourmet food business that caters to dogs. Dog treats and specialty dog foods are a growing segment of the retail pet product market, and this franchise is devoted to selling them to dog owners. Pet franchises that market products and services to upscale buyers are getting in on a growing segment of the enormous pet products market. According to Just Dogs Gourmet, the upscale pet product industry brings in more than $30 billion each year, making a gourmet food source for pets a lucrative concept for franchise owners.