Top-Rated Salon Air Purifier – 7 Essential Features

If you’re searching for a portable salon air purifier with high ratings, koodos to you for your concern about air quality in your salon. Here are 7 essential features an effective air purifier must have in order to receive top ratings from you.

Chemical Filter—The fumes from salon products can often be smelled from several doors away in a mall or even on the street when the door is open to the shop. So it’s not hard to imagine what it smells like inside. And you, your staff, and clients are up close and personal with these fumes for hours.

A filter that can reduce the number of chemicals in the air is crucial for every salon. Carbon is well known for its ability to eliminate gaseous pollutants. However, the chemicals that many salon products produce are heavy-duty and are known as volatile organic chemicals. Even carbon needs help eliminating these strong chemicals.

So the carbon filter should have an additive (potassium iodide) that enhances carbon’s ability to remove VOCs. This filter can also remove a number of other chemicals including formaldehyde.

Oxygen As Only By-Product—Some cleaners produced controversial by-products. Ozone and ionized particles can cause health issues. The best cleaners are the ones that only produce fresh, clean air. There is no down side to that.

Particle Filters—Even though it is usually the smell from salon chemicals that has people donning gas masks, the particles that can be generated need to be eliminated from the air as well. Large and medium size particles can be easily eliminated by pre-filters that are relatively inexpensive.

Other more normal indoor pollutants need to be eliminated especially with clients bringing in particles that are attached to clothing, packages, and hair. Your salon air can benefit greatly from removing particulates such as dust, seasonal pollens, pet hair, and airborne viruses and bacteria. A purifier with a HEPA or high efficiency particle arresting filter can remove particles like these that are as small as.3 microns.

Portability—A unit with wheels gives you and your salon a huge advantage. This feature allows you to roll the cleaner closer to the source of the fumes. That means they impact the air less keeping others more comfortable and breathing cleaner air throughout their visit.

And should you move to another shop in the same city or one across the county, being able to take the cleaner with you means that fresh air in your salon is always as close as the nearest outlet.

360 Degree Air Intake—Pulling air in from all sides gives you greater flexibility in where you can place the cleaner. A cleaner constructed with this feature can be placed as close as 6 inches from any surface. This means it can be placed in a corner, by a wall and out of the way yet still perform effectively.

Multiple Filtration Speeds—At peak times when there are a lot of fumes being produced, it’s crucial to be able to filter the air faster. This keeps clients comfortable and reduces the number of fumes in the air faster.

Being able to control the rate at which the air is filtered allows you to keep air quality high regardless of how many manicures, perms, or colorings your stylists are performing. And when there is a lull, you can reduce your energy consumption and save money by turning the filtration speed to low.

24 Hour Operation—-A split capacitor motor allows for continuous filtration even when you are not there. This takes out the day’s fumes that may continue to linger in the air and allows you to open your salon the next morning to air that is fresh and inviting.